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13 September 2015

WonderFall Day

The girls have been playing outside all day with one another and with their imaginations.  They played outside all day yesterday, too.  I love it.  I love to eavesdrop on their conversations and creations.  I love to hear them cooperate and pretend and share ideas and build off of one another. I love their scrawled writing in multicolored chalk, backwards letters, and sounded out words.  They have been farming and cleaning rocks for most of the day.  They have their chicks, horses, cows, hens, goose, sheep and pigs.  Their rock washing stations are at two various places, one on the steps and one by the grill in the boys' firetruck .  They claimed the rain water in the buckets was at first cold, but then it got warm.  They also claimed that the cows have really been acting up and chasing the horses.  Jaely was caught galloping around the driveway on said "horse" many times.  Their conversation about their farm carried on through lunch and then they went back outside immediately.   

I think what makes me smile the most can be captured in this picture.

Jaely the diva princess in a Hello Kitty hat that coordinates with her sweater, earrings, and gold, sparkle shoes.  Her hair is combed and neatly put in a side ponytail.  Camryn has her non-mathching pants on backwards which causes her underwear to billow out of the top of her pants, which do not come up nearly high enough because they are on backwards.  She has her keens on, which are wet from all the rock washing, her hair is uncombed and some is stuck under the strap of her glasses.  One sleeve is pushed up and her belly is all wet from holding wet buckets next to it.  She is a free spirit and cares not at all about her appearance.  She is having fun and that's what she cares about. 

The excitement in both girls' voices is enough to fuel me for awhile.  Jaely isn't just being a dictator out there, she is actually listening to some of Camryn's ideas, too.  I love this life, especially when everyone is cooperating.

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Anonymous said...

Way too much healthy, creative outdoor play. Get them started on video games!